I am a Ph.D. student in H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech, advised by Rachel Cummings and Yajun Mei. Prior to Georgia Tech, I received my B.S. in Statistics at Peking University.

My research interests lie primarily at the intersection of differential privacy and statistical machine learning. My current focuses are on the the design of privacy-preserving algorithms for statistical machine learning models in the following three things: differentially private change-point detection, private online testing and false discovery rate control, and private modern collaborative learning.

Conference Papers

Dataset-Level Attribute Leakage in Collaborative Learning
Wanrong Zhang, Shruti Tople, Olga Ohrimenko
arXiv preprint. 2020. [paper]

PAPRIKA: Private Online False Discovery Rate Control
Wanrong Zhang, Gautam Kamath, Rachel Cummings
arXiv preprint. 2020. [paper]

Privately Detecting Changes in Unknown Distributions
Rachel Cummings, Sara Krehbiel, Yuliia Lut, Wanrong Zhang (Alphabetical order)
ICML. 2020. [paper]
Poster presentation in TPDP @CCS. 2019.

Differentially Private Change-point Detection
Rachel Cummings, Sara Krehbiel, Yajun Mei, Rui Tuo, Wanrong Zhang (Alphabetical order)
NeurIPS. 2018. [paper]
Poster presentation in TPDP @CCS. 2018.

Journal Papers

Single and Multiple Change-Point Detection with Differential Privacy
Wanrong Zhang, Sara Krehbiel, Rui Tuo, Yajun Mei, Rachel Cummings
Accepted with minor revisions to JMLR. 2020. [paper]

Bandit Change-Point Detection for Online Monitoring High-Dimensional Data
Wanrong Zhang, Yajun Mei
Submitted. 2019.
Poster presentation in The 7th Workshop on Biostatistics and Bioinformatics. 2019.
Best Student Poster Awards for the ASA Georgia Chapter.


Cybersecurity Lecture Series, Georgia Tech, March, 2020.
Differentially Private Change-point Detection [slides]

INFORMS, Seattle, October, 2019.
Differentially Private Change-point Detection

Teaching Assistantships

ISyE 6669: Deterministic Optimization, Fall 2018
ISyE 4031: Regression and Forecasting, Spring 2018
ISyE 3039: Methods Quality Improvement, Summer 2017
ISyE 2028: Basic Statistical Methods, Spring 2017
ISyE 3770: Statistics and Applications, Fall 2016